Differentiate with data.

Grandview combines strategy, technology, artificial intelligence and data-driven intuition to solve your most complex business challenges. By embedding analytics into everyday processes, our clients have the ability to synthesize information from all data sources, uncover trends and deliver insights faster than ever. 

The Office of Finance is constantly fighting the age-old battle to optimize efficiency and effectiveness, but in today’s dynamic global market, FP&A leaders must accurately support business strategy, competitive analysis, enterprise performance management and drive revenue and profit growth. Actionable, predictive insights are key. Organizations must see data as their most powerful asset to create superior internal processes and new, disruptive business propositions. The ultimate value of data will only become evident if the people who know how to think about it can access it easily, explore customized views, test various scenarios and share their findings effectively.  

Through insights, algorithms and AI, Grandview equips organizations with everything they need to streamline planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis and differentiate with data. Utilizing automated, managed reporting, Grandview empowers FP&A leaders by providing unique insight into operational performance and workforce that drives your business. We help clients identify performance gaps, capitalize on the power of data-driven decision making and move quickly towards a more efficient way to do business.  

Looking at historical data, or simply tracking financial KPIs, is not enough. CxOs and line of business executives need a broader view of their organization, combining both live and historical data. Gaining insight into how various parts of the business – from the executive team to HR and sales – impact each other allows leaders to confidently advise on future strategies to sustain and grow profitability. Grandview’s services and solutions are designed to help financial leaders succeed in this ever-evolving role. 

Grandview’s flexible business model allows us to engage with our customers during critical pain points or holistically in a continuous planning model. Engagements could be as simple as addressing a manual forecasting process, providing data analytics on the key business drivers or utilizing more advanced insights to chart the best course forward.

Strategically partnered with IBM, Motio and Red Hat Grandview combines decades of experience with advanced analytics from next-generation technologies, including IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cloud Private to improve agility and allow for intelligent decisions that create value.  


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